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Which Watch Battery is Right for You?

Which Watch Battery is Right for You?

Common Sizes and How to Choose

Choosing the right watch battery is important, but not always easy. There are many different sizes and shapes of watch batteries available, and it can be difficult to know which one will fit into your watch without measuring beforehand. This post breaks down the most common watch battery size that you’ll find on the market today, so that you can choose what’s best for your needs!

The first thing to know about the most common watch batteries is that they are all in one of two sizes: either a #377 or #389. These numbers refer to their millimeters, so if you have a very small wrist and want your watch face to be smaller overall, then perhaps go with something on the lower end of this scale – like an 11mm battery instead! However, for average sized watches (like men’s), it is usually best to stick with more standard-sized batteries around 13mm.

Most Common Watch Battery Size

The next thing you’ll notice about these different types of watch batteries is that there are specific shapes associated with each size number. For example, while some 12 mm batteries may look round on top like traditional “coin” cells; others will fit into a wider rectangle. So the first step is to make sure you know your watch’s exact size before purchasing a battery, and then compare that with our list below.

Once you have determined what type of watch battery will fit in your timepiece, it’s important to choose one based on how long you’ll need power for your device! This will be dictated by two main factors: which kind of motion or function use most often, and how much reserve power (how many days) you want left over once the initial charge runs out. For this reason, we recommend using either lithium batteries or manganese batteries for watches that get very little wear – because they are designed to last longer than other options like silver cells .